Two 90m2 event halls with professional tech setup

Live stream system:

2x FoMaKo PTZ camera (1080P/60fps, 20x optical zoom);
1x Sony α6400 + TAMRON 17-70mm zoom lens + tripod;
1x t.bone freeU Twin HT 823 (2 handheld wireless microphones);
1x Black Magic Atem Mini Pro live mixer (4 video + 2 audio channels)

Sound system:

2x STL 1000A (1000 Watt RMS, active)
4x STW 1000A (1000 Watt RMS, active)
RodeCaster Pro II audio production studio
Traktor S2 controller

Video projection:

Epson xxxx video projector
BenQ video projector
133’’ projection surface

Music instruments:
Piano, drums and guitars

50m2 lounge area

Welcome to our inviting lounge area, centered around an old bar. Sink into the cozy couches, enjoy classics from the vintage vinyl record player, and browse our specialized library, co-curated by team and visitors alike. Embrace leisure with a collection of games. This is your ideal living room away from home.

50m2 industrial kitchen

Once a hub of culinary activity, this industrial kitchen accommodated up to 200 guests simultaneously. Complete with essential amenities, a dedicated guest food area, a corner mushroom farm, electric and wood-fired ovens, and a lively soundsystem perfect for kitchen parties.

40m2 co-working space

5 fully equipped work spaces (screen, keyboard, mouse, laptop stand, office chair)

2000m2 garden

Amidst our garden's beauty, discover raspberries, fruit trees, and raised beds nurtured by a farmbot. A compost area sustains the land, while a central lawn offers space for frisbee and relaxation.

Wood fired hot tub

At the heart of our garden is the wood-fired hot tub, a haven of relaxation. Rumor has it that it once accommodated 16 people at once, and the question remains: can you top that?

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The Hub

The Hub hosts (un-)conferences, gatherings, hackathons, exhibitions, retreats and work sprints, festivals, weddings and other celebrations.