The Venue

Its intimate atmosphere, egalitarian governance and stunning natural surroundings foster deep and lasting connections among peers.


Developed as anexperimental playground for social, technical, and economic systems tinkerers, the Commons Hub facilitates the transition to a regenerative future.

involved communities

As an open community space, the Hub strives to provide a common ground for the diverse worlds of the progressive web3 ecosystem and the wider commons movement.

Validator Node

To us, on-chain governance is much more than the technical management of servers and money. Our ambition for the Cosmos ecosystem is to open pluralistic discussions around culture and politics to steer the evolution of the Interchain towards a democratic, distributed, resilient global infrastructure for the Commons.


Felix Fritsch
Emil Fritsch
Giulio Quarta


commons hub

The Commons Hub is a co-working, co-living and event venue in the Austrian Alps that harbours artists, digital movements and decentralized communities exploring the liberatory potential of emerging technologies.